We are your VIP Marketing Team

Our focus is locking arms and collaborating with you to help you succeed.

A Complete Team for One Fee

Growing a successful business is a team effort. And great teams can be expensive. But you no longer have to bear that cost on your own. Now you can hire our already fully trained and capable team for a fraction of the cost of hiring and training your own people! We are your VIP Marketing Team, a collaborative of in-house strategists, designers, funnel architects, data analysts, veteran copywriters and professional media buyers across all major platforms.

Our Proven 4-Step Methodology

Everything we do to help grow your business is based on our proven 4-step "BCTS" Methodology.


We will review the current ad campaigns to find out what’s working well, and what can be improved upon quickly using our 46-point “ad account audit” process.


After we have data to support the baseline, we will compare them to established in-house benchmarks that we expect from digital advertising campaigns.


We will identify the steps we can take to improve campaign performance and begin testing the strategy that we believe will allow reach our goals in the most effective and efficient way.


We will track analytics and prepare marketing and sales funnels to move the prospect through the lead generation process to maximize customer acquisition and sales.

We Run No Ad Before It’s Time

We are rarely the first team someone hires, but we are usually the last. There's a reason for that.
  • 1. Before we run a single ad, we will verify and validate your numbers. I can't tell you how many times we have worked with clients who thought their funnel was doing better than it really was, skewing everything from CPA to ROAS to LTV. We always want to have good numbers for our baseline.
  • 2. Before we run a single ad, we will verify and validate your tracking. You can't manage what you don't measure, and without accurate tracking EVERYTHING will be off.
  • 3. Before we run a single ad, we will ensure compliance at every step. And, if we have any doubts, we will ask our Facebook partner manager to review and approve its compliance before it is even put on the network.
  • 4. Before we run a single ad, we will leverage our proven BCTS methodology to lay out a plan to progressively grow your business through a methodical "continuous improvement" process.
No more pointing fingers. No more rushing to "just run ads". Because we are NOT an agency, we do things differently to ensure your greatest opportunity for success. Because we are your VIP Marketing Team, and we take time to do things right the FIRST time. You deserve nothing less.

What’s Your Recipe for Growth?

Facebook Ads?
Google/YouTube Ads?
Grow Your eCom Store?
Email Marketing?
Lead Generation?
Funnels? (Whoopity doodah on this one honestly).
Increasing LTV of Clients?
Email Management?
Back-End Systems?
Conversion Optimization?
Messenger Bots?
Something Else?
Let’s Figure it Out TOGETHER! 🙂

Why Us?

Rory F. Stern

CEO and Founder

Lee Collins

COO and Partner