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We Help Clients Get Predictable Sales, Profit and Growth.

The RFS Difference

If you want what they do, work with them. If you want what we do, work with us. Simple.




Rush to get ads going as quickly as possible

Validate and baseline your offer, funnel, and tracking before running any ads

You can be sure everything is compliant and working before we spend a dime of your money

Constantly rolling out new creative for your ad campaigns

Build enduring campaigns that can keep working for months/years

With the ads working, we can focus on helping you improve other areas of your funnel and offer

Ignore compliance and policy rules, suggesting multiple accounts and other hacks and "tricks"

We focus on compliance first, and we don't blur the lines on grey area or non-compliant offers

Helps keep your account safe, makes it easier to get it back if something does go wrong

Follow the trend or "system of the day", constantly changing their approach

Keep up with but employ new methods in your account only when tested and proven to produce results

You enjoy the advantage of a proven 6+ year direct response approach, we don't test "ad theory" with your money

Run ads and that's it

Consult with you throughout the whole funnel including offer, copy, images, etc

It's a more holistic approach, more like a partnership that improves your entire system

Ad campaigns that are written to "hack" the algorithm of the day

Direct response campaigns that don't come crumbling down with the most fragile change to the algorithm

Solid ad campaigns based on psychology instead of the whim and fancy of a mysterious, ever-changing algorithm

Copy that is written by template or a computer program, probably used for other client accounts

Original copy written just for you, by professional copywriters who continuously beat controls

You get the same kind of copy responsible for over $300 million in sales for clients

One trick pony with a "one size fits all" service and approach

Multiple levels of custom support, from handling one ad campaign to managing ALL your marketing

You get to enjoy more free time and are able to focus on serving and supporting your clients

Normally run ads only on one network, usually Facebook

Facebook ads? No problem. Google, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Outbrain and others? We got you. 

In-house experts on multiple ad networks, if we don't know it we'll pay to learn it for you

No direct access to Facebook or their marketing science team

As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we meet with our Facebook rep every two weeks to review accounts

We provide feedback directly from Facebook and you enjoy an "Umbrella of Protection" 

Create an elaborate "strategy plan" (usually a wild guess) that changes weekly when things don't work

Let the data guide us in real time, leveraging our experience as a benchmark of the possibilities

You never pin your hopes on false speculations that are totally beyond anyone's control

They are a one person "team" and they often outsource the rest (white label) to us or someone else

A full in-house team of marketers, copywriters, campaign managers , etc. with multiple eyes, brains, etc

From this day forward, you’ll never have to do it all by yourself again. We are your VIP Marketing Team.

A Few Things We're Very Good At







But Don't Take Our Word For It...


"Rory is the real deal. If you need someone who not only knows what to do in good times but also in bad times, Rory is your man. He knows how to climb the mountains and put out the fires."

Justin Brooke
Media Buyer Extraordinaire
Founder, AdSkills

"Hey Rory, I have a friend looking to change agency. Asked me for a reference and you’re the best I know. He’s into [private] so definitely need a guy that knows the boundaries perfectly and I couldn’t think of a more ethical firm than yours."

David F.
Serial Entrepreneur

"I've run an agency for 20 years and, if I had to start over again tomorrow, Rory F. Stern would be on a very short list of people I'd rely on for expert advice."

Shawn Twing

Agency Owner & Media Buyer

"We don't cut corners. We don't rush anything. And we never sidestep our SOP's." - Dr. Rory F. Stern, PsyD

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