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"Rory is the real deal. If you need someone who not only knows what to do in good times but also in bad times, Rory is your man. He knows how to climb the mountains and put out the fires."

Justin Brooke
Media Buyer Extraordinaire
Founder, AdSkills

"Hey Rory, I have a friend looking to change agency. Asked me for a reference and you’re the best I know. He’s into [private] so definitely need a guy that knows the boundaries perfectly and I couldn’t think of a more ethical firm than yours."

David F.
Serial Entrepreneur


"I've run an agency for 20 years and, if I had to start over again tomorrow, Rory F. Stern would be on a very short list of people I'd rely on for expert advice."

Shawn Twing

Agency Owner & Media Buyer

“We specialize in COMPLIANCE. It's the bedrock of everything we do. You don’t win the business or ad game by looking for shortcuts, hacks, loopholes, or ways to cheat the system.”
- Dr. Rory F. Stern, PsyD

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