We let our results speak for us. Here is what a few folks shared about working with Rory, Charles and the RFS Digital Team...

Rory is the real deal. If you need someone who not only knows what to do in good times but also in bad times, Rory is your man. He knows how to climb the mountains and put out the fires.
Justin Brooke
Hey Rory, I have a friend looking to change agency. Asked me for a reference and you’re the best I know. He’s into [private] so definitely need a guy that knows the boundaries perfectly and I couldn’t think of a more ethical firm than yours.
David Foster
I've run an agency for 20 years and, if I had to start over again tomorrow, Rory F. Stern would be on a very short list of people I'd rely on for expert advice.
Shawn Twing
Rory and his team at RFS Digital Media have done an outstanding job of helping me build my business. Utilizing their expertise allowed my company to effortlessly make a lot of money. He's definitely my go-to Facebook guy.
Jason Hanson
“Rory Stern”… that’s the name you not only don’t want to forget, but that you want on Speed Dial… that is, if you’re looking for someone who is honest, reliable, easy to work with, and an expert at marketing. He’ll ensure that you get your ads right, spend your money in the right places, track your results, and keep you updated so you are always informed as to your ad spend and the results you are getting.
Martin Howey
We implemented just one principle that Rory talks about using with his images that convert and we immediately cut our lead costs in 1/2. My team and I haven't seen lead costs that low in 2 years. We've used other services and their deliverables just don't compare to the quality his team produces.
Eric Michael Collins
Charles (Lee) Collins has a calm way of looking at things from different angles to come up with unique and useful solutions to issues. He's also wickedly smart about how to grow your business. I'd highly recommend getting time with him if you can, and listen and take notes on what is said!
Rick Dearr
Charles (Lee) Collins is a one in a million person who teaches you by listening in ways that others miss. He uses his experience to really get the most out of you, and provides honest and actionable feedback that will be an asset to your and your business for years to come!
Brian Basilico
Thanks for the solid coaching Charles (Lee) Collins! Just used steps 1-3 that you showed me and already closed on a cooling system diagnosis with a customer that came to me for my services!
David Samaha
Hey Charles - quick update from the stuff that I've done since our phone call. Last night I had an epiphany! I can purchase our dream home this year without spending any more on housing than I am right now. I owe this current roll that I'm on, at least in part, to you. You are a blessing!
Darrin Mish
Just one of Charles (Lee) Collins' ideas impacted the way I do my entire business. I've got a lot less stress, finally have a method to my madness, and I've been able to focus on the FUN parts of my business rather than the "work". While I initially hired Charles with borrowed money, he QUADRUPLED my income that first month. So it was totally worth it.
Kristen Joy
I am on track to do over $10 million dollars in ONLINE sales this year… But the OFFLINE Charles (Lee) Collins and his team taught me is going to triple it!
Anik Singal
When you look for someone to work on your business, marketing, ads and such... you want longevity in that relationship. Longevity + Results is what folks will get with you, Charles Lee.
Bob Yeager

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"If you’re looking for easy buttons, hacks, loopholes, or for millions of dollars to magically fall from the sky next month – we are not your people. Ours is more of a slow-cooker approach. You can't rush something you want to last forever." - Charles Lee Collins

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