Michael Veazey and Rory Stern – Paid Traffic Strategy for eCommerce

rfsdigital Podcast

Podcast: Ad Strategy for eCommerce
Host: Michael Veazey
Title: Rory Stern – Paid Traffic Strategy for eCommerce

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Marketing Strategies Revealed in this Episode:

  • Mindset for Facebook ads is critical
  • Why are you running paid traffic?
  • Strategy vs implementation
  • What you are trying to accomplish?
  • What is the customer worth at 30, 60, 90 days, a year?
  • Typical goals of Facebook Ads for eCommerce
  • Scaling: Existing business with existing product, want to sell more of it
  • Are you looking to build a list (ultimately a customer list)?
  • More sales and better ranking
  • Running affiliate promotions (other people’s products)
  • If you want to sell products, it might take 6 steps to get there.
  • How are you defining success?
  • How long are you giving this to work?
  • Nothing works within 24 hours!
  • It may take 30, 60 maybe even 90 days to accomplish goals.
  • Risk tolerance in Paid Media
  • Paid media and setting goals must be about the medium term and the long term.
  • Data is your guaranteed payoff from Facebook Ads
  • Know your numbers
  • Strategy is more important that tactics when running Facebook Ads

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