Alan Cheng and Rory Stern – Creating Facebook Ads That Convert

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Podcast: The Marketing Interrogation Podcast
Host: Alan Cheng
Title: Rory F. Stern – Creating Facebook Ads That Converts

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Rory F. Stern is a well-known, respected Facebook Ad expert. He owns a paid traffic agency that helps business and e-commerce owners generate more leads, sales, and raving fans from a cold audience.

During this “no stones left unturned” interview, Rory explains how Facebook ads work, how to create ads that convert and how to master this advertising platform quickly.

Episode Highlights:

  • 02:25: Rory’s background
  • 07:50: How did Rory learn about Facebook ads?
  • 08:35: Step by step to create a Facebook ad to capture email leads
  • 14:35: How to get different types of traffic especially buyer traffic
  • 19:30: Common mistakes people make with Facebook ads
  • 24:29: How to fix a poor Ad with low Relevance Score
  • 27:31: Should you buy Facebook Likes for your Facebook Page?
  • 29:25: Rory’s clients’ success stories
  • 31:40: Best way to learn about Facebook Marketing?


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