SAAS Company Landing Page Builder – 81 New Customers in 30 Days

rfsdigital Case Study


The company is the third, if not fourth, SaaS company built, operated, and owned by one of the current co-founders. The previous softwares have all been standouts in their respective service category for the digital marketing community.

The Challenge:

Our team was brought in after significant tracking issues were brought to light and into question. Our task was restructure a new ad account, dial in tracking, and acquire customers at $497 or less.

The Strategy:

We started with a brand new ad account, a shared picture, and a dedicated funnel that no one else had ever run traffic to before.

We reviewed the existing ad account to identify what worked, what didn’t work, and what had already been tested. Based on that review, we started from scratch with a brand new strategy. It was quite simple. We promoted a lifetime offer to members of our target audience with straightforward copy using a 4x speed video of the tool in use.

We followed up to non-buyers with retargeting ads that were all benefit driven and reminded them of the lifetime offer by signing up today.

The Results:

In the first 30 days, we brought in 81 new customers at an average cost per acquisition of $290.80. The CPA did fluctuate and began to increase due to market conditions and certain events affecting the globe.

The company moved quickly to restructure the offer by adding in a lead generation component (free level of software access) followed up by an opportunity to upgrade.

This new campaign resulted in 3,993 new software users (free trial) with 107 upgrades at $307.62 CPA.

While on the surface, the CPA did increase, the resulting lead capture and additional sales from in-house marketing more than made up for the difference. Based on our ability to track additional sales, outside of our direct influence, we additionally generated another 31 back-end lifetime customers for a total of another $15,407.00 in extra revenue for the company.

NOTE: The strategy was simple and straightforward and brought in incredible results because the company put together an irresistible offer that converted beautifully to cold traffic.

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