Print Magazine Subscription – 200 Percent Increase in Conversions and 3145 New Subscribers

rfsdigital Case Study

Print Magazine Subscription


The owner of the business was managing the paid traffic himself while also overseeing the overall growth and direction of growing company and team. He did not have enough time in the day to manage both tasks and needed help to reach his goals.

The Challenge:

The business owner had gotten very good results up to $700 / day in ad spend on Facebook. Any time he tried to scale beyond that, everything fell apart.

The Strategy:

Our initial strategy was pretty simple.  We re-organized the account setup and structure. We found opportunities to optimize the campaigns at both the targeting level, campaign objective, and use of creative through a TOF, MOF, and BOF approach.

The Results:

Within the first week we were able to quickly break past the $700 / day in ad spend. We helped the client finish off the year with an additional 3,749 paid print subscribers through paid traffic alone.

Most recently, we scaled the client’s ad spend to $15,000 / day which brought in an additional 3,145 subscribers that calendar month – through paid traffic alone. The client also noticed between a 2:1 and 1:1 increase in organic subscriptions compared to paid subscriptions.

You may notice we don’t talk about or name our clients publicly, ever. Many clients choose to work with us because everything we do is held in the strictest of confidence. If a client wants to give us a shout out, we’ll gladly take it. But we don’t list a roster of specific clients. It’s a holdover from Dr. Stern’s psychology days where all client information is 100% confidential.

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