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Here's What You're Getting:

Benefit #1) 46-Point Compliance & Conversion Audit.

You provide us the requested information and access to your ad account (so we can see what you're doing now), and our in-house team of experts will review and provide feedback on every aspect of your funnel, copy, design, and advertising.

These are folks who have been responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars of ad spend and sales, putting their collective brains together for YOU.

After they have finished reviewing YOUR offer, you get a complete strategy for moving forward with your ad campaigns either own your own or perhaps with our assistance as an Authority Marketing Partner.

Important: You are not obligated in any way to become a future client, but the first step in becoming a client is a compliance & conversion audit, and we guarantee this will benefit you whether you decide to become a future client or not. Let us show you what we can do.

Benefit #2) Live Strategy Assessment Review Session.

One of our Senior Strategists will spend up to 60 minutes going over every detail of the Compliance & Conversions report with you. You can ask as many questions as you like on this zoom call. Every session is recorded and transcribed for you so you can listen to it as many times as you want, and even share it with your team.

The Compliance & Conversions Audit is considered complete after your Strategy Call.

PLUS, you're also getting...

Benefit #3) Your spot guaranteed on our limited client roster. (Optional)

We only accept 2-3 new clients per month so, when you request your Compliance & Conversions audit today, for 30 days after your Strategy Call, we will reserve your guaranteed spot to potentially become a client AND we'll even roll the fee you paid for the audit into your first month. (We will give you an estimated kick-off date when we get to that point of the process - our 46-Point Audit is the first step for every new Authority Marketing Partnership. No exceptions. Sorry but we cannot hold a spot or roll over this fee after 30 days.)

Benefit #4) $300 discount all future Audits. (Optional)

Even if you never become a consulting or agency client, we know you will likely have other offers, funnels, products and ad campaigns you would like reviewed in before you spend a dime on ads so, for a limited time, we're offering a private VIP code for 30% off all future audits for your products or services. For your use only. Please do not share this private code.

Here's the Timeline:


IMPORTANT: Your deposit is paying for a service to provide 1) the 46-Point Compliance & Conversion Audit, 2) the Strategy Assessment with our Senior Strategist, and optionally 3) reserve your spot on our client roster and 4) a $300 discount on future compliance & conversion audits. This service is non-refundable. If we choose to move forward together, your full deposit is applied to your first month’s service.

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Am I obligated to become a client after the audit? Not at all, but we'll reserve a spot for you if you decide you want to become an agency client within the next 30 days after your Strategy Call. If you sign on as a client within 30 days, we'll even roll your audit fee into your first month. Sorry but we cannot hold a spot or roll over this fee after 30 days.

How quickly will I hear back after I purchase? Our business hours are Monday-Friday, except federal holidays. Your request is always processed as quickly as possible on the next business day on a first-come, first-served basis. So, if you buy on a Saturday or Sunday, we will receive the request on Monday, get it into the queue, and will contact you no later than Tuesday with your onboarding info request document. Following that, the timeline proceeds as shown above.

How long will it take to finish my audit? Your audit cannot proceed without ALL the requested information. That said, audits are usually completed in about 8 business days or less, depending on how quickly you provide us the information to review. We will send you a link to book your strategy call after the audit is complete, normally within 3 business days of completion of the audit.

What is included in the compliance & conversions audit? We will review everything provided in the info request doc, along with your business manager and ad account (provided you grant us access). We will then compile a report with recommendations that we will go over with you on our strategy call. At the completion of the strategy call, the service is complete. If you want ongoing support, we do offer consulting and agency services, or you may buy a future audit at a discount as a returning client.

What if I have a question not answered here? If at any time you have questions or need help, just visit any page on our website and click the green "Need a Hand" button in the bottom right corner, or visit our Knowledgebase at RFSHelp.com.

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A Few Kind Words From Clients...


"Rory is the real deal. If you need someone who not only knows what to do in good times but also in bad times, Rory is your man. He knows how to climb the mountains and put out the fires."

Justin Brooke
Media Buyer Extraordinaire
Founder, AdSkills

"Hey Rory, I have a friend looking to change agency. Asked me for a reference and you’re the best I know. He’s into [private] so definitely need a guy that knows the boundaries perfectly and I couldn’t think of a more ethical firm than yours."

David F.
Serial Entrepreneur

"I've run an agency for 20 years and, if I had to start over again tomorrow, Rory F. Stern would be on a very short list of people I'd rely on for expert advice."

Shawn Twing

Agency Owner & Media Buyer