Promotional Product Manufacturer – Largest New Contract Ever Within 30 Days

rfsdigital Case Study


With lots of new competition coming into the promotional product space, the company needed to revitalize their online presence and find their edge.

The Challenge:

The website itself was built with outdated code. It was not being properly indexed by Google and was being trounced by more modern, faster and more agile competitors. Additionally it was impossible to maintain because a coder had to make even the smallest change. 

The Strategy:

Working with the founder, we addressed numerous items to get the website up to modern specs, then we worked on improving their visibility and web presence through proven, white-hat SEO techniques. Then we turned on the traffic, primarily with Google focused on keyword and branded campaigns.

The Results:

Within 2 weeks we began to see results from the work we put in to modernize the website and offerings, and within 30 days we saw the orders start coming in. This resulted in several large, new contracts including a massive 40,000-piece renewable government contract that was the largest deal they had ever had.

You may notice we don’t talk about or name our clients publicly, ever. Many clients choose to work with us because everything we do is held in the strictest of confidence.  If a client wants to give us a shout out, we’ll gladly take it. But we don’t list a roster of specific clients.  It’s a holdover from Dr. Stern’s psychology days where all client information is 100% confidential.

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