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rfsdigital Case Study


After the founders split, the company was bleeding money and needed a turn-around FAST. They had also lost the confidence of customers and affiliate partners.

The Challenge:

The company had a vast amount of assets but had split their focus away from SEO in too many directions. As a result sales were low, about 3% conversions.

The Strategy:

We re-focused to their core strength, eliminated everything that wasn’t SEO training, and built out their back-end Repeat Profit Systems. We then implemented an aggressive email campaign supported by a Google cold traffic + retargeting strategy to improve conversions and restore confidence.

The Results:

In less than 2 months we increased the company’s conversions by 1%, and their monthly earnings by over $20,000, we then grew that up to 5% conversion to cold traffic. This put the company on a path to recovery, and also re-gaining trust among their customers and affiliate partners. After 19 months together we helped create enough new revenue to pay over $750,000 in debt PLUS created over $750,000 in additional repeatable earnings, putting the company into a profitable position for the first time in years.

You may notice we don’t talk about or name our clients publicly, ever. Many clients choose to work with us because everything we do is held in the strictest of confidence.  If a client wants to give us a shout out, we’ll gladly take it. But we don’t list a roster of specific clients.  It’s a holdover from Dr. Stern’s psychology days where all client information is 100% confidential.

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