Craftsman Deck Builders – Winning 27% More Contracts Within 6 Months

rfsdigital Case Study


A company of craftsman-grade deck builders, pricing was top of spectrum and they were often underbid in their area. With the average contract being around $25,000 this was badly hurting their bottom line. They also had a custom deck sealer they wanted to sell more online.

The Challenge:

After several in-house attempts to gain traction, our team was brought in to look at the entire process end-to-end as the marketing team.

The Strategy:

The first thing we addressed was selling the deck sealer product in an innovative new way to generate some immediate revenue, through a consolidated “online portal” type of website we created. This served two purposes: make more product sales and also create authority web presence for the group of builders. Now, with an authority web presence, the website could receive traffic.

The Results:

Within 3 months the deck sealer was making enough sales to offset any lost contracts, but we also positioned the company as an authority for high-quality craftsman decks for high-end clients. With this new positioning, even though they were almost always the most expensive bid, after 6 months they were winning 27% more contracts than before our work together, and their online product sales were adding more to their bottom line than their services sales.

You may notice we don’t talk about or name our clients publicly, ever. Many clients choose to work with us because everything we do is held in the strictest of confidence.  If a client wants to give us a shout out, we’ll gladly take it. But we don’t list a roster of specific clients.  It’s a holdover from Dr. Stern’s psychology days where all client information is 100% confidential.

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